Impact on different houses of Mangal Dosha

The Impact of mangal dosha is different on every house so here we discuss the impact of mangal dosha on each house: –

Main House

Mars in the main house truly impacts the existence accomplice in a given marriage. Both the assistants may go into conflicts oftentimes provoking physical trap and violence in numerous families.

Second house

Mars in the second house passes on a huge amount of burdens to the individual’s family life. Both the individual and the master presence of a man quit wasting time agitating impacts.


Mangal Dosha problem

Fourth house

Mars in the fourth house realizes negative results in capable life. Routinely the individual should move between occupations. The last outcome not is classy. To know the presence of mangal dosha in your kundali click mangal dosha calculator the individual may similarly experience budgetary issues.

Seventh house

Mars in the seventh house makes a man terrible tempered and grouchy. His high essentialness ought to realize compelling behavior. There is much proportion of fights in the family.


Eighth house

Mars in the eighth house suggests the individual ought to especially unconcerned. He will be tactless and imprudent about managing asset and assets and a great part of the time ought to.

  1. End up losing the parental property Mars in the twelfth house demonstrates the general population campaign have a lot of foes. There will be a couple of mental issues in the individual.
  2. Cash related setbacks – This is a champion among the most talked about subject when it comes Indian gem looking especially about picking a marriage. Amid the time spent match making or Kundali organizing, paying little respect to whether each one of the characteristics facilitate and there is a Manglik dosh in both of young lady or child’s Kundali, the marriage of such individuals is seen as tasteless and in some conventionalist society it is even seen as inauspicious.


What causes Manglik Dosh?

Manglik Dosh which is generally called Kuja Dosh formed when the planet Mars set in either ascendant or the Main House; Place of delight and mental peace which is the Fourth House or in the Place of Marriage or Seventh House, Place of Life length or the eighth house or Place of utilization or Twelfth House. Regardless, by virtue of Rahu, Shani and Sun put in both before said house a yog molded with is exceptionally similar to Manglik Dosh disregarding the way that it impacts isn’t as vindictive as Manglik Dosh which confined by Mars.

Impact of Manglik dosh

  1. Postpone in marriage
  2. Issues in marriage life
  3. Discussion and fight in wedded life
  4. Separation
  5. Confound in perspective and sentiments
  6. Demise of life partner

Beside this Manglik dosh can moreover incite deferral in some fundamental parts of life:-

  • Education
  • Profession
  • Progression in Career
  • Child Birth

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