The Scientific Reason Behind Wearing Gemstones

Our planet Earth is a world of beautiful, splendid and vividly hued precious stones which are known as Gemstones across the world. These naturally occurring gems are one of a kind and possess some enchanting and unique powers which have made them quite relevant and significant from an Astrological point of view. The radiations of the gemstones have a deep impact on the person who is wearing them. People wear gemstones to get rid of all their worries, problems and troubles. It is believed that the individuals are bestowed with good fortune, sound health, and a peaceful life if they wear a gem that suits them. How is that possible?

Let us get an in-depth insight into the same. 

As we all know there are various rashi in our horoscope if gemstones wear after considering these rashi then it may definitely give good result and fills once life with happiness. Gemstones have a deep relationship with our rashi if gemstones wear without considering these rashi then it may bring bad luck and ruins once life. For considering these rashi you need to see Aaj ka Rashifal – it predicts how your day be today.


What is Gemstone Therapy?

Gemstone Therapy is considered one of the most natural and ancient sciences which is followed for ages by Indian people. It is regarded as an age-old tradition in almost all the Indian families. People wear certain gemstones in order to get rid of their ill health and difficulties and to usher in good health, wealth and good luck in their life.

A number of people, mainly the youngsters do not believe in the power and relevancy of gemstones. Surprisingly, there is a scientific angle to it as well.

The power of gemstones is backed by Science and practicality. Let’s find out how.

Science and the Gemstones

Gemstones usually work as per the Color Therapy which is related to the energy and power possessed by every color. The modern science has developed a significant relationship between the human bodies and the magnificent influence of the colors.

Gemstone brings luck

Various colors such as Red, Blue, Green and other reflect the rays to influence the behavior and response of the individuals. All the gemstones possess varied kind of colors as well as luster. Sun is regarded as the source of all the energies which affects the human being in diverse ways. All the planets release negative and positive magnetic energies or vibrations in their orbits. The science which studies the influence of these vibrations on human beings is known as Vedic astrology. It shows whether the influence is bad or good and how the stones can help the people.


The planets emit energies and affect the humans through colors. The astrological energies of the gemstones are derived from the cosmic effects of their related governing planets. The sun also impacts the human beings because it is a source of all the various energies.

If the sunlight is observed by the means of a prism then a seven-color spectrum is formed. The two other invisible colors comprise of violet and infrared. All these nine observed colors have their association with the nine planets.


A specific stone tends to absorb the cosmic and solar energy and therefore allow a particular type of energy to affect the human body. If it is adequately prescribed then it supports the individual. It helps in storing balance and in the self-improvement of the person. If the energy is negative, then it can have some really adverse impacts on an individual. The gemstones are a considerable way of transferring or passing the positive energies of the various colors to the human body and managing the negative energies too. You should always consult an Astrologer before you wear a Gemstone. An expert Astrologer, after careful study of your stronger and weaker planets, will give you a better idea of which gem will suit you the best.

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