Methods of wearing Gemstone Ruby

Methods of Wearing Gemstone Ruby The weight of Ruby should not be less than 3 Carat (Ratti)  more the weight of Ruby,  greater its effect or power, various Bollywood celebrities also believe in Astrology and wear gemstones for betterment of their life. please see:- Do Bollywood celebrities also wear gemstones for better luck. Gemstone RubyContinue reading “Methods of wearing Gemstone Ruby”

Lessons of Buddha

Lord Buddha Ruler Siddhartha turned into the Enlightened One in the wake of achieving the Nirvana under Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya. Teachings of gautam buddha that can change your life Master Buddha experienced six years of hardship and contemplation, and achieved a definitive facts of life and realities. Ruler Buddha reflects under the BodhiContinue reading “Lessons of Buddha”

Most loving festival of India:- History of Diwali

The celebration of Diwali is praised by Indians all through the world in an upbeat mind-set, with energy and excitement. The celebration is prevailed by bright showcase of lights, blasting of saltines, neatness, desserts, loads of shopping, joy. The merry soul brings individuals of various networks nearer, to commend the dynamic celebration in the mostContinue reading “Most loving festival of India:- History of Diwali”

Zodiac Sign and fear

What do we cover up inside? Have you set out to glimpse inside your spirit? It takes much fearlessness to confront your most exceedingly terrible feelings of trepidation, yet it takes, considerably more, the boldness to recognize them.To know yourself intends to hold the predetermination of your life. Soothsaying can enable us to comprehend andContinue reading “Zodiac Sign and fear”

True Love Calculator – To Find your True Love

Love calculator will help you find the compatibility and with the help of this you may able to find your partner but as time passes you spend a lot of time with your life partner some ups and downs between the two may going to take place, and to get rid out of these unusualContinue reading “True Love Calculator – To Find your True Love”

How Gemstones turns your Life

There are various vibrations present in gemstones which affects the life of an individual so to move further and discuss in detail about gemstones, certain things need to consider before wearing any gemstone because this negligence may bring bad luck and ruins the life of an individual. So, to solve this mystery when to wearContinue reading “How Gemstones turns your Life”


The Vibrant Festival of Hariyali Teej The lively gardens and lavish green surroundings, the decorates swings (jhoolas) and the festive songs – all these elements bespeak the vibrancy of the occasion of Teej. The festival of Teej is widely popular by the name of Hariyali Teej. In a literal sense, the meaning of ‘Teej’ isContinue reading “IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING A HARIYALI TEEJ FAST”

The Scientific Reason Behind Wearing Gemstones

Our planet Earth is a world of beautiful, splendid and vividly hued precious stones which are known as Gemstones across the world. These naturally occurring gems are one of a kind and possess some enchanting and unique powers which have made them quite relevant and significant from an Astrological point of view. The radiations ofContinue reading “The Scientific Reason Behind Wearing Gemstones”

Impact on different houses of Mangal Dosha

The Impact of mangal dosha is different on every house so here we discuss the impact of mangal dosha on each house: – Main House Mars in the main house truly impacts the existence accomplice in a given marriage. Both the assistants may go into conflicts oftentimes provoking physical trap and violence in numerous families.Continue reading “Impact on different houses of Mangal Dosha”

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