Is Manglik Dosha Bad

Mangal represents Mars which symbolizes energy and force. This energy can either be negative of positive. A year comprises of 12 months and so there are 12 signs and thus 12 houses in a kundali. When the planet Mars (Mangal) has its placement in the 12th, 7th, 1st, 8th and 4th house of the horoscope of a person, then it is regarded as presence of Mangal Dosha. The people with this Dosha are known as Manglik Dosh. Mangal Dosha or the Manglik Dosha is a frequently found dosha in the Kundali of the individuals. It is an astrological drawback which might have bad effects, but not necessarily.

Mangal Dosha

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who are Manglik, but still they are leading a good and successful life. There are a number of planets which play a vital role in the marital life of an individual being responsible for bad effects. There exists Shani, Ketu, Venus, Rahu, which symbolises marriage. There are nine different planets and the grouping and positioning of these planets is the most significant consideration while analysing the bad effects on marriage.

If a person is manglik, then it does not ever mean that they would not be able to lead a happy married life or there would be health issues or death of the spouse. It is something that scare a lot of individuals. But it is not true as there are a number of other factors which might be responsible for the bad circumstances or ill health of an individual. For example, if the spouse of a Manglik person who is non-manglik but has early Mrityu (death) yog in his or her respective horoscope, then there is no role of Manglik dosha.


Usually, an alliance between two mangliks is recommended so that there can be elimination of the Mangal dosha. But it does not mean that a marriage could not take place between a non-manglik and a manglik. As such alliance is also possible considering the various other factors and analysing the positioning of Mars in the chart. There is a need to first understand the positioning, placement and impact of other planets also such as Ketu, Rahu and Venus as they are the one which also poses huge impact upon the marital life of the individuals.


In a broader aspect of Astrology, Manglik dosha is considered as highly inauspicious and bad for a Manglik individual who gets married to a Non-Manglik individual. There could be several health issues, financial losses, loss of wealth, separation and various other problems. But all this depend upon the placement and positioning of Mars in specific sign and house.


When planet Mars is situated in the 1st House then there are unnecessary conflicts in the marriage. It may lead to violence and physical assault too. There are chances of tensions, separation and divorce. When planet Mars is situated in the 2nd House, then it creates obstacles in the marital life and also in the career and professional life. When planet Mars is situated in the 4th House, then the person is stressed with change in jobs and unsuccessful professional life. There are huge financial troubles keep coming in the way of the native. When planet Mars is situated in the 7th House, then there takes place regular fights with the family members. When planet Mars is situated in the 8th House, then there is loss of rapport and paternal property.  When planet Mars is situated in the 12th House, then there are number of enemies in the life of the individual. The person also suffers with financial losses and mental problems.

On the other hand, there are positive aspects also which are associated with Mangal Dosha such as if a person is Manglik then the individual possess high energy, passion, force and enthusiasm. All these positive aspects help a person to work with zeal and attain their life goals. So, it is not correct to say whether Manglik Dosha is bad or good as the results of this dosha completely depend upon placement of Mars, positioning of other planets and various other factors of the life of an individual.

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